July ’19 Newsletter

cropped-wcc-logo1.pngWaukesha Coin Club Newsletter
VOL.LI July 2019  #7
ANA # C-1070749

Our June meeting included current event discussions: an article from the Journal about rubber stamps that were being produced that would allow people to over-stamp Harriet Tubman’s picture on $20 bills. Members questioned whether that’s legal, and it was explained that altering coins or currency is illegal only if done with the intent to defraud. Report of hikers finding two coins – one a Spanish coin from 1660, and the other a coin from the 1200’s – near a trash can in Glen Canyon National Park, Utah. It was unknown how the coins got there, but it was thought they may have fallen out of someone’s pocket.

Exhibits included: the first dollar in the American Innovation $1 Coin Program, Morgan Carson City dollars (counterfeits), two sets of reproduction coins from the Gallery Mint, a set of 1.0 troy ounce .999 silver ingots from 1975. The member would like to sell them as a set,  a bronze medal issued by the M.N.S. to commemorate the club’s 1,000th meeting held on April 18, 2009. Bob found a 1887 Seated Liberty Dime in change from the BP Gas Station in Hartland.

Next Meeting: Wed, July 3rd @ 7PM
Refreshments – Ron M
Door Prizes – Mark C


  • Our next regular meeting of the Waukesha Coin Club will be held at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, July 3rd , at the Waukesha Salvation Army meeting room located at 445 Madison Street.  The Salvation Army is located one block west of the corner of Highway 18 and Madison Street. Enter through the back door and take the elevator to the second floor.
  • Guests Welcome: If anyone wants to bring new collectors young or old to the meetings, remember that guests are always welcome!

Trivia: This highest denomination United States paper currency was never issued for general circulation and features Woodrow Wilson on the front.

Pot Coin: (1) Indianhead Cent, F condition or better.

Coin Shows:

August 11, 2019 – Beaver Dam Beaver Dam Coin Club’s 5th Annual Coin Show – American Legion Post, 300 Beichl Av., Beaver Dam, WI 53916 – Hours: 9am – 3pm. Free Admission. Contact: Bob Krueger 920-386-2134, 113 S. Depot St. Juneau, WI 53039

August 25, 2019 – Fond du Lac Fond du Lac Coin Club’s annual show at the RADISSON HOTEL (formerly Holiday Inn) SAME LOCATION, 625 W. Rolling Meadows, Fond du Lac, WI. 9am-4pm. Contact Randy Miller, PO Box 254, Oshkosh, WI 54903. 920-231-6161

Collector’s Challenge:  A Challenge to report coins found in change this year. Any coin or token of interest will be listed in the newsletter after reported. 

  • 1 Peso 1979 Mexico – Coin Star – Glenn J
  • 2000 10 centavos from Ecuador – Coin Star – Glenn J
  • Silver Quarter 1962-D – in change – Glenn J.
  • 1953-D Lincoln, Coin star, Mark M.
  • 1 cent Euro from Spain, Coin Star, Mark M.
  • $1 Silver Cert series 1953 G, Arby’s, Mark M
  • 1946 Dime (F), Coin star, Glenn J.
  • 1964 Quarter (F), Coin Star, Glenn J.
  • 1984 Canadian cent, Sentry, Mark M.
  • 1956-D Lincoln Cent,Metro Market, Mark M.
  • 1957-D Lincoln Cent (XF-AU), Dairy Queen, Mark M.
  • 2013 2 kune coin from Croatia,in Change, Bob B.
  • 2006 $1 Mexican coin, Coinstar. Glenn G
  • 2006 $1 Mexican Coin, Coinstar, Glenn G.
  • 2015 $1 Mexican Coin, Coinstar, Glenn G.
  • 2016 $1 Mexican Coin, Coinstar, Glenn G.
  • 10 pence – in change buying token souvenir, John W.
  • 1949-D Cent (F) – in change, CVS, Glenn G.
  • 1945 Cent (F) – in change, CVS, Glenn G.
  • 2001 Canadian 10 Cent, Coin Star, Glenn G.
  • 1987 Canadian 1 Cent, Coin Star, Glenn G.
  • 1951-D Lincoln – in change John’s Root Beer, Mark M
  • 1974 Canadian cent, Arby’s, Mark M.
  • 1963 Roosevelt Dime, in change Metro Market, Mark M
  • 1999 5 cent euro, Spain, Coinstar, Mark M
  • 2002 5 cent euro, Portugal, Coinstar, Mark M
  • Plastic Jefferson Nickel, CoinStar, Mark M
  • 1942 Lincoln cent AG, Sentry, Mark M
  • 1887 Dime Seated Liberty, BP Gas Station Hartland, Bob B.
  • 1953 Jefferson Nickel EF, McDonalds, Glenn G
  • 1977 1 cent Cayman Island AU, Coinstar


Call for Presentations!!! – We would like to set our calendar for the year with some presentation by our members.  Pick a month and reserve your spot.

July – Metals & Mining – Chuck P.

August – Open
Sept – Auction (TBD) Don & Randy
Oct – “Sailing Into History” – Tina S.
Nov – Open
Dec – Christmas Dinner