October ’20 Newsletter

cropped-wcc-logo1.pngWaukesha Coin Club Newsletter
VOL.LII Oct 2020  #10
ANA # C-1070749

We will be cancelling the October meeting.  We will notify you when we get the chance to reconvene our monthly meetings.

We are planning to conduct our Annual Raffle on Nov 4th at the Salvation Army bldg. The drawing will be conducted from the tickets sold so far and any tickets purchased or submitted by Oct 30.  If you have raffle tickets to turn in, or would like to purchase tickets, please contact Tommy Hagen at  (262) 527- 4419.  Tickets will not be sold after Oct 30, nor the day of the drawing. Previous purchased tickets (prior to Oct 30) can be turned in, the night of the raffle, however all money must be turned in by Oct 30.

If you would like to attend the drawing on Nov 4th, 7:00pm, Salvation Army Bldg. masks are mandatory while in the building. When you arrive you will be let into the building and the door will be locked behind you as the Salvation Army is not open to the general public yet. If a participant arrives late they will need to make contact inside to go down and let them in.

We will be taking nominations for WCC officers for 2021 during the raffle.