Nov ’18 Newsletter

cropped-wcc-logo1.pngWaukesha Coin Club Newsletter
VOL.XLX Nov 2018  #11

Our October meeting included a presentation by Tina on “The Falls of Cyde”. Her topic included photos of the ship, past and present, and alot of historical information. It was a great presentation.

We have open seats (Pres, & Vice Pres) for next year.  Please contact Randy if you are interested in leading our club next year.  The job really is not hard, you only need to run the meetings each month and keep us to the agenda.  The rest of us do the committee work.

Our Christmas Dinner is Dec 5th at Tuscan Hall. Dinner at 6.  RSVP with Cathy by Nov 13 latest. $20 per person. Pay at Nov 5 meeting or send check to Cathy P (262-542-1203)

Next Meeting: Wed, Nov 7th
Refreshments – Dave H.
Door Prizes – John W.


  • Please bring school supplies to the meeting for a donation to the Salvation Army.  November meeting will be non-perishable food items.
  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Saturday Nov 24th,  Pick-n-Save on Sunset Dr (Waukesha) next to Target. Same store as last year. ( 9 am until 4pm) Sign up at meeting.
  • Our Christmas Dinner is Dec 5th at Tuscan Hall. Dinner at 6.  RSVP with Cathy by Nov 13 latest. $20 per person.  Pay at Nov 7 meeting or send check to Cathy P (262-542-1203)
  • Our next regular meeting of the Waukesha Coin Club will be held at 7:00 P.M. on Wednesday, Nov 7th , at the Waukesha Salvation Army meeting room located at 445 Madison Street.  The Salvation Army is located one block west of the corner of Highway 18 and Madison Street. Enter through the back door and take the elevator to the second floor.
  • Guests Welcome: If anyone wants to bring new collectors young or old to the meetings, remember that guests are always welcome!

Trivia:  Why is there such a small eagle on the reverse of the Franklin Half Dollar?

Pot Coin:    (One) Any Native American $1 Coins (2000 – 2018)

Coin Shows:

November 4, 2018 – Green Bay

Nicolet Coin Club’s fall show. Stadium View Bar and Grill, 1963 Holmgren Way, Green Bay, WI 54304. 50 tables, Free Admission and Parking. 9am – 3pm. Contact: Roger Bohn 920-819-7294

WCC 2018 Presentation Schedule:

November – Open
December – Christmas Dinner – Raffle

Collector’s Challenge:  A Challenge to report coins found in change this year. Any coin or token of interest will be listed in the newsletter after reported. The winner will be voted on at end of year.

Chicago Transit Token – Randy R. (Coin machine)
Washington Quarter w/ edge flattend both sides – Glenn J. (In change)
1994 10 Cent Centavos – Randy R. (Coin Machine)
Wheat penny in change from a Dollar Store – Mark Ch.
Buffalo nickel with the date rubbed off at a Chinese restaurant – Mark Ch.
Clipped Lincoln Cent (Poor Condition) – John W
1928 Wheat Cent – Dick P (Change)
2001 – 20 pence seven sided coin, vending machine at school – Ryan B
1974 s cent in bathroom at Rocky’s – Ryan B.
1948-S Roosevelt Dime at Value Pharmacy by Mark M.
1941 clipped nickel in change – Frank B.
Wheat cents in change – Frank B
100 peso coin in Coinstar – Randy R
2007 Canadian nickel at Aldi – Dick P
1945 Silver nickel @ McDonalds – Ellison
1949 D Wheat Cent – Ellison
1964 & 57 Canadian cent – Ellison
1943 S Jefferson Nickel in Car to be sold – Chuck P.
2001 5 cent Euro France – Coin Star – Mark M.
1959 Canadian cent – Coin Star – Mark M.
1973 5 cent Canadian – Coin Star – Mark M.
1988 10 cent Canadian – Coin Star – Mark M
1928 Lincoln Cent – Sentry – Mark M.
1962 D dime – Coin Star-  Glenn J.
Gold plated Delaware state quarter – Coin Star – Glenn J.
2006 Canadian Quarter – Coinstar – Mark M.
1957 Wheat Cent – Tina S.
1947 Canadian Cent – Dick Plopper
1959-D Silver Dime – Coin Star PicnSav – Randy R.
2003 Canadian Dime – Coin Star PicnSav – Randy R.
1979 penny from Australia – Glenn J.
2014 1 Rand coin of South Africa – Coin Star Walmart- Glenn J.
25 cent Canadian – Coin Star Walmart – Glenn J
2 year AA anniversary medal – Metro Mart Coin Star – Glenn J.
1917 Mercury Dime – Coin Star – Randy R.
2004 Canadian Dime – Coin Star – Randy R.
1976 Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollar – Parking lot – Garrett S.
1943 D lincoln cent – Coin Star – Glenn J.