July ’22 Newsletter


Waukesha Coin Club Newsletter
VOL.LIV July 2022  #7
ANA # C-1070749

Thank you to everyone that attended the June meeting.

OPA Tokens Presentation
This was a very interesting and maybe timely presentation about the OPA Tokens. The
Office of Price Administration was created to price everything but fresh products. The
first item to be rationed was tires beginning in 1942. The Government needed all the
rubber for the war. Glenn was able to talk with his father-in-law who was directly
impacted by this program to ration products. Glenn said his father-in-law needed 7
stamps to buy 30 cents worth of bacon. Steve was very astute to the fact that even if
you had the tokens you had to have money to buy whatever rationed product you were
trying to purchase. Tokens were not a source of value but a permission to buy what
you wanted or needed.
The program really showed the value of farming. You could trade your fresh product to
get what you were looking to get. 1 billion tokens were produced. The two colors of
the tokens were red and blue. Glenn brought in some that he had and the ration books
that came with them. There were 8000 OPA offices across the country. Rationing
stopped in 1947.

July Mint News
The US Mint will be releasing a Commemorative Coin for the Purple Heart Medal. First
awarded to 136 WWI Veterans in 1932 (90 years ago), the recipients have either been
wounded or died from enemy action. Purchasing the Gold dollar, Silver dollar or Half
dollar coin will include a donation to the National Purple Heart Honor Mission. If you
get a chance to take a look at the Half dollar coin on the website, it is a very moving
coin with the phrase “All gave some” on one said and “Some Gave All” on the other.

June Trivia Question Answer: The West Point Mint produced the first circulated coins
in 1937. They received authorization in 1936 but they were not minted until 1937.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 6th, 7:00 PM, Waukesha Salvation Army meeting
room located at 445 Madison Street, 2nd Floor.

Pot Coin: Any half dollar coin. Ten tickets for anyone that brings in a 1922 half dollar.
Door Prizes: Olivia is going to provide something for the door prizes in July

July Trivia Question: What Commemorative coin was produced in two consecutive
years but only stamped with one of those years?. Hint: it was a half dollar and it was
about the great lakes.

2022 Calendar:
July 6 Open
August Open
Sept 7 Presentation “TBD” Steve
Oct 5 Presentation “Barbers” – Chuck
Nov 2 Auction Night – TBD
Dec 7 Christmas Party

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