Jan ’22 Newsletter

cropped-wcc-logo1.pngWaukesha Coin Club Newsletter
VOL.LIV Jan 2022  #1
ANA # C-1070749

Our Christmas Dinner was a wonderful event with coin displays, gifts, great food, door prizes, raffle and fun had by all. Thanks to Tuscan Hall and Amanda for setting up the venue and all the fine touches. We loved the coin cookies!

Next year’s Elected Officer are:
President: Tina S.
Vice Pres: Steve W.
Treasurer: Chuck P.
Secretary: Randy R.

Our Bell ringing for the Salvation Army Bell was manned at Hobby Lobby by Randy
and Morgan, Tina, Eric, Marissa, Olivia and Isabella.  It was reported the kettle took in $210 for the day. Thank You!
Buy your Raffle Ticket Now!! Randy will be selling them at the monthly meetings.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, Jan 5th, 7:00 PM, Waukesha Salvation Army meeting
room located at 445 Madison Street, 2nd Floor.

Pot Coin: Numismatic Token or Medal
Door Prizes: Left overs from previous meeting
Trivia: Which state quarter had the highest mintage?

Happy New Year!,

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