March ’22 Newsletter

cropped-wcc-logo1.pngWaukesha Coin Club Newsletter
VOL.LIV Mar 2022  #3
ANA # C-1070749

Thank you to everyone that attended the February meeting.

The presentation by Tina Schneider was about the boat represented on
the Canadian Dime. It was designed and built about 100 years ago. It
was created by William James Roue. The boat was created to be both
a fishing boat and a racing boat. The design made it a true leader in
both genres. It won sailing competitions several years in a row. It was a successful
fishing boat bringing in big loads of fish. It was wonderfully interesting. Thank you
Tina for the presentation.
Please be sure to submit your membership dues at the next meeting. We want to
continue to provide this newsletter to you and have you participate in the monthly
meetings with all the benefits that includes. Thank You.

Buy your Raffle Ticket Now!!
Randy will be selling them at the monthly meetings.
$1 each or $5 for 6
Prizes include Mint Sets, Proof Sets, Silver Dollars/Eagles and much more.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 2nd, 7:00 PM, Waukesha Salvation Army
meeting room located at 445 Madison Street, 2nd Floor.

Pot Coin: Any foreign coin. You will receive two tickets if you bring in an Irish Coin.
Remember you are not limited to one coin. You will get a ticket for each coin you
bring.(plus the bonus in March)
Door Prizes: Marcia
Trivia: What is the smallest “size” coin the US ever minted for a foreign
control American country?

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